dish love : fishs eddy

By Shalini Kolluri

I believe that food shouldn’t only appeal to your taste buds but also to your eyes. You don’t have to be a culinary genius or a trained chef to make sure your food looks appetizing. This includes simple things like playing with the right color combinations or choosing the right dishes to serve your food. For example, a white square plate used for serving your kebabs or tomato sauce can make sure it stands out in a back drop of white drawing more attention to you food. Another favorite of mine is the wooden plate, it not only makes a colorful salad look great, it also looks good with what ever you chose to set on the table.

As a dinner ware and cutlery enthusiast, I love shopping for glass ware and plates in NYC. I was super excited to stumble upon this rad store on the corner of 19th and Broadway called Fishs Eddy.


We do dishes’, declares a sign at Fishs Eddy and a visit to the Union square emporium proves that this statement is truer than true. Dishes and glassware are piled high, and browsing around the shop is like a treasure hunt, discovering gems of wit and quirky humorous displays. Their trademark humor has helped make this brand unique. When I visited their store this weekend, I came across some really funny hand painted wooden blocks.


The shop started almost thirty years ago by husband and wife, Dave Lenovitz and Julie Gaines. Julie, a painter, met Dave, an antique dealer. They got together and leased a cozy shop near Gremercy Park. They filled it with dishes and cups found in the basements of supply shops and goods from manufacturers going out of business. Soon, they developed their own product working with overseas factories to replicate the double fired, heavy gauge dinner ware that they are famous for. They developed their own iconic designs such as that of the New York skyline pattern. They also used their products to market their own brand of political satire.

There are local artists showcased in the gallery as well. A lot of designs come and go, but the most popular ones stick around. Most of them are New York based designs and some are not.

I will definitely go back there when I need to pick up presents for birthdays and Christmas. This place is filled with cutesy cute and funny dishware that will make any dinner ware lover such as me very happy.


The staff is sweet and customer focused. Always smiling and eager to help.

FYI, if you are visiting and don’t have the desire to lug your purchases back home, they have most of their products available on their website.



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