Eat your edamame steamed and salted

Full disclosure – I haven’t visited Japan yet. But from what I have seen in Japanese bars (izakayas) and restaurants, Japanese love their edamame steamed and salted. Over the past few years, I have incorporated this preparation of these green soybeans in my snacking routine and have been delighted by the results. Not only does a small packet full full of frozen edamame pods, yield a filling meal, it is also a splendid source of vegetarian protien! 

And needless to say steamed and salted edamame are yummy to the point of being addictive.

japanese edamame, sreamed edamame,  salted. edamame

Making your own Lean Edamame Snack:

Buy frozen edamame pods either at an Asian store or a mainstream market. I buy mine at CostCo because of the quality. Steam the pods till they cook but retain their green-ness. Be careful not to overcook.

Salt the pods on the outside. I put the pods in my mouth and drag the seeds in with a sweeping motion involving my teeth.



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